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Payroll and Florida Contractor Insurance for the Construction Industry

When it comes to payroll solutions and Florida contractors insurance, Absolute Pay Trust is well aware that construction businesses have a unique set of needs that are distinctly different than most other organizations. 

Florida Small Contractors Payroll and Insurance Program Summary

No Minimum Number of Employees or Payroll Amount - Absolute Pay Trust takes payroll clients with as few as 1 employee.  We also understand that small contractors can sometimes have down time between jobs.  Just like our Florida contractors insurance program, our construction payroll program does not require a weekly minimum payroll amount or number of employees that must be processes each pay period.


Pay-as-you-go workers' compensation - By taking advantage of our convenient pay-as-you-go premium option, you can avoid large up front down payments as well as surprise audits at policy expiration.  We collect premium based only on the actual amount you owe each pay period.


Instant Online Insurance Certificates - No more waiting for certificates to be processed before you can get paid by the contractor or builder.  Log on to our website and print your certificates in just seconds.


Lower Rates Than Employee Leasing - Absolute Pay Trust charges a flat fee for all of our Florida payroll service customers.  Employee leasing arrangements bill administration costs as a percentage of overall gross payroll.  This means that you will almost always pay significantly higher administration fees when using an employee leasing company when compared to Absolute Pay Trust.  It also means that when you hire additional employees or if you give a raise to an existing employee, you are paying a leasing company more money for them to do the same work! 


Free Safety and Drug Free Workplace Programs - Insurance companies offer discounts on Florida contractor insurance policies for businesses that establish and maintain formal Safety Programs and/ or Drug Free Workplace plans.  Absolute Pay Trust will provide your business with a free written Safety Program and Drug Free plans,  as well as walk you through the process of implementing the programs and applying for the discounts on your Florida contractors insurance policies.


Online Access and Flexible Time Input Methods - You may choose to input your payroll online through our secure web portal.  This will give you 24/7 access to payroll and billing data, up to date audit reports for your Florida contractor insurance polices, as well as online access for your employees to all of their check stubs and pay history.  You also have the option to phone, fax or email your hours.


Your Choice of Employee Pay Options - Choose how you want to pay your employees.  Options include a live payroll check, direct deposit or a pay card that functions just like a debit card for  employees with no bank account.


Affordable General Liability Insurance - Absolute Pay Trust also offers competitive rates for general.

Green Payroll Solutions

Absolute Payroll is recognized by the Sarasota County Green Business Partners as an environmentally responsible company.  Ask us how our paperless payroll solutions can help your business go green.  

Compare Payroll vs.
Employee Leasing

Absolute Payroll offers the same pay as you go convenience of employee leasing, but at a fraction of the cost. Are you currently using or considering entering into an employee leasing arrangement?  If so then you should read this first.  

Florida Contractors Insurance Specialist

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