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Why Choose Absolute Payroll as Your Florida Payroll Company?

Every day more and more business owners in search of a Florida payroll company turn to Absolute Payroll.  We realize that you have many choices when it comes to choosing a Florida payroll company for your business.  As a locally owned and operated Florida company, Absolute Payroll offers the kind of personal, hands-on customer service that the larger payroll services simply cannot provide.  Absolute Payroll is a Florida payroll company that specializes in working with Florida business owners. You can depend on us to deliver timely and accurate solutions for a reasonable price.  You can also count on us to provide the best customer service in the industry.  Give us a call today to find out why so many other small business owners just like you have chosen Absolute Payroll.

Summary of Payroll Services

Online Payroll Access - Our secure online payroll site gives both employers and employees access to their payroll information 24/7. 


Payroll Checks - Your pay checks can be provided as a traditional live check, via free electronic direct deposit or through a payroll debit card.


Federal and Florida State Payroll Tax Deposits, Reporting and Filing - It is our responsibility as your Florida payroll company to collect, deposit file and report all federal and state payroll taxes on your behalf. 


Flexible Time Input Methods - Many customers choose to use our secure online portal to input payroll hours.  You may also report your payroll by fax, phone or email.  Not all Florida payroll companies offer this type of flexibility. 


Vacation and Sick Leave Tracking - Let us take care of recording your vacation and sick accruals.  No more wondering how many vacation or sick days your employees really have left.


Child Support Payments and Other Garnishments - Courts often require Florida payroll companies to collect wage garnishments such as child support and other court ordered amounts from employees paychecks.  Absolute Pay Trust handles these collections at no cost to you.


Insurance Audit Reports - As both a Florida payroll company and insurance provider, Absolute Payroll has the expertise to handle all of your insurance audits.  In fact, many insurance underwriters will simply come to our office instead of yours when performing audits.  How many other Florida payroll companies can say that?  Not many.  That's because most other Florida payroll companies provide only payroll services and therefore do not posses the insurance expertise that we do.


Free Vacation Club/ Holiday Savings Club Program - Your employees can choose to have a specified dollar amount taken from their check each pay period in order to help save money for vacations, holidays, or unexpected expenses. 

Green Payroll Solutions

Absolute Payroll is recognized by the Sarasota County Green Business Partners as an environmentally responsible company.  Ask us how our paperless payroll solutions can help your business go green.  

Compare Payroll vs.
Employee Leasing

Absolute Payroll offers the same pay as you go convenience of employee leasing, but at a fraction of the cost. Are you currently using or considering entering into an employee leasing arrangement?  If so then you should read this first.  

Small Construction
Contractors Program

Absolute Payroll offers special Florida construction payroll programs as well as insurance solutions designed specifically for Florida construction contractors with 1-10 employees.   

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