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Fort Myers Payroll Services for Businesses of Your Size

We’re a top Fort Myers Payroll Company that caters for businesses in varying sizes across various industries. With several years’ worth of experience in both payroll and insurance, we take care of everything from issuing paychecks and tracking leave, to insurance audits and tax filing.


We pride ourselves on providing flawless customer service. In addition to ensuring that your payroll and taxes are scheduled automatically, we make sure that we’re available to answer questions and set your mind at ease whenever you need the extra help. We’re one of the few payroll companies in Fort Myers that strive for true flexibility every step of the way.

A Trustworthy Fort Myers Payroll Company Dedicated to Simplifying the Payroll Process

At Absolute Payroll, we eliminate the risk of potential IRS fines and penalties. Partner with us, and you’ll never have to worry about late tax filings or employees who are unhappy as a result of payroll errors. Our Fort Myers payroll service is efficient and affordable, and we lift the burden of hefty paperwork for you and your employees.


We deal with federal, state, and local tax agencies on your behalf. We make sure that you’re in line with Social Security and Medicare taxes, as well as FUTA (Federal Unemployment Tax Act) and SUI (state unemployment insurance). Outsourcing our services means you’ll never need to concern yourself with complicated forms again.

Don’t Pay for Expensive Fort Myers Employee Leasing When There’s a Better Option

Fort Myers Employee Leasing
Fort Myers Payroll Service

If you’ve considered a Fort Myers employee leasing arrangement, you may have realized that it’s quite an expensive option. The additional costs associated with administration fees, state unemployment tax rates, and worker’s compensation fees, add up to a sizeable sum. Partnering with Absolute Payroll means you’ll forego all of these costs, and receive tailored services that set you up for success.

We Provide a Range of Fort Myers Payroll Services You Can Rely On

We’re committed to providing a range of payroll and insurance-related services that completely eliminate stress. We lift the financial burden of hiring an additional in-house team while freeing up the time you need to focus on the more important aspects of running a business.


Our services include:

  • 24/7 Secure Online Payroll Access:
    Payroll access for both employers and employees.

  • Flexible Payroll Check Options:
    Traditional paychecks, electronic bank transfers, or payroll debit card options.

  • Federal and Florida State Payroll Tax Deposits, Reporting and Filing:
    We deal with local, state, and federal tax agencies on your behalf.

  • Flexible Time Input Methods:
    Use your secure online portal, or submit reports via fax, phone, or email.

  • Vacation and Sick Leave Tracking:
    Keep tabs on available leave days without having to dig for the data.

  • Child Support Payments and Other Garnishments:
    We handle all court-ordered collections at no extra cost.

  • Insurance Audit Reports:
    With experience as an insurance provider, we handle insurance audit reports at no extra cost.

  • Free Vacation Club/ Holiday Savings Club Program:
    Allow employees to put away a specified dollar amount of each paycheck to cover unforeseen expenses or vacation costs.

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