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Absolute Payroll: The Tampa Payroll Service You Can Trust

Choose Absolute Payroll and simplify the payroll process, freeing up valuable time you can use to concentrate on what you do best: running your business. We are a Tampa payroll company that focuses on delivering hands-on solutions tailored to your business’ needs. Affordability and quality are the cornerstones of our service solutions; we make sure that you receive the best possible service at a fraction of the cost of hiring a larger firm.

Partner With Our Tampa Payroll Company and Avoid Complications

Absolute Payroll offers outsourced solutions that help you avoid IRS penalties, fines, late tax filings, and , above all, despondent employees. When paying your W-2 employees, a percentage of their earnings is owed to local, state, and federal tax agencies. As their employer, you are also obligated to match what they pay in Medicare and Social Security taxes. On top of this, you also need to pay State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) and Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA).


All in all, it’s a hefty load of paperwork that can be painful to navigate. We lift the burden for you, making sure that you don’t run into any trouble further down the line.

More Affordable and Effective Than Any Tampa Employee Leasing Service

Tampa Employee Leasing
Tampa Payroll Service

Outsourcing our Tampa payroll services is a smarter, more efficient, and cheaper alternative to employee leasing. Partner with us and you’ll be avoiding hefty administration fees, worker’s compensation costs, and an increase in state unemployment tax rates. With us, you’re getting a dedicated team of payroll professionals without any unnecessary costs. We’re all about making sure your company stays on the road to success, and we’re not going to drain you dry to make it happen.

Services Offered by Our Tampa Payroll Company

In addition to secure, 24/7 online payroll access and complete paycheck flexibility, Absolute Payroll offers the following list of top quality services:


  • Federal and Florida State Payroll Tax Deposits, Reporting, and Filing
    We collect, deposit, file and report all federal and state payroll taxes on your behalf.

  • Flexible Time Input Methods
    Input payroll hours via our easy-to-use online portal, or opt for fax, phone, or email reporting.

  • Vacation and Sick Leave Tracking
    We record vacation and sick days to help employers and employees to keep track of how much leave they have available.

  • Child Support Payments and Other Garnishments
    Courts may request collection of child support payments and any other court ordered wage garnishments. We make sure that this is taken care of at no extra cost.

  • Insurance Audit Reports
    With experience as an insurance provider, Absolute Payroll handles insurance audits as well. There’s no need to outsource and pay for additional services from another company.

  • Free Vacation Club/ Holiday Savings Club Program
    Help your employees save for vacations or unexpected expenses by letting them choose to have a specific dollar amount taken from their check each pay period.

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